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One of our most successful innovations in recent years has been the formation of five UK Regional groups: the South East, the West, the Midland, the East Anglian and the North Regions.

Artists at workEach area is under the auspices of a regional organiser who arranges three or four meetings a year to give members and their guests a chance to visit museums and airfields to sketch 'live', see demonstrations and receive helpful tips and hints from established Full and Associate Members.     

Meetings are run on an informal basis and usually consist of an initial get together over tea or coffee, after which people disperse to all corners of the venue to sketch and paint. However, there is no pressure to produce work and some choose simply to explore the museum at their leisure.

Later in the afternoon everyone gathers to review the day’s work. This usually takes the form of a critique held by one or two senior members of the Guild. The aim here is always to provide constructive advice as a means of developing the skills of artists. This is one of the best ways to learn and begin the progression from Friend to Associate and ultimately, Full Member status.


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 The regions

The regions